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70's Hard Rock, 70s Hard Rock, 70s Heavy Blues Rock, 70s Psychedelic Rock, A.O.R., Abstract, Acid Rock, Acoustic, Acoustic Ballads, Acoustic Folk, Acoustic Rock, Afrobeat, Aggressive, Aggrotech, Agressive Nu-Metal, Alt. Metal, Alt. Rock, Alt.Country, Alt.Metal, Alt.Roc, Alt.Rock, Altenative Rock, Alterantive Metal, Alternarive, Alternative, Alternative comedy metal, Alternative Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Metal (female vocal), Alternative Progressive Metal, Alternative Rock, Alternatve Rock, Ambient, Ambient Black Metal, Ambient Drone, Ambient Folk Metal, Ambient Metal, Ambient Post-Hardcore, Ambient Rock, American Rock, Anarcho Punk, AOR, Apocalyptic Metalcore, Arena Rock, Argentina, Art Rock, Art-Rock, Artrock, Atmopsheric Black Metal, Atmospheric, Atmospheric Black, Atmospheric Black Metal, Atmospheric Dark Metal, Atmospheric Death, Atmospheric Death Metal, Atmospheric Dom Metal, Atmospheric Doom, Atmospheric Doom Metal, Atmospheric Experimental Doom Metal, Atmospheric Folk, Atmospheric Folk Metal, Atmospheric Folk Rock, Atmospheric Funeral Doom Metal, Atmospheric Gothic Metal, Atmospheric Gothic Rock, Atmospheric Heavy Metal, Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal, Atmospheric Melodic Doom Metal, Atmospheric Metal, Atmospheric Metalcore, Atmospheric Pagan, Atmospheric Post-Black Metal, Atmospheric Post-Doom Metal, Atmospheric Post-Hardcore, Atmospheric Post-Metal, Atmospheric Post-Rock, Atmospheric Progressive Metal, Atmospheric Progressive Rock, Atmospheric Rock, Atmospheric Sludge, Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Australia, Avant-garde, Avant-Garde Black, Avant-garde Black Metal, Avant-garde Death, Avant-garde Death Metal, Avant-garde Doom Metal, Avant-Garde Funeral Doom Metal, Avant-garde Industrial Death Metal, Avant-garde jazz metal, Avant-garde Metal, Avant-garde Pagan Metal, Avant-garde Rock, Avant-Garde Sludge, Avantgarde, Avantgarde Black Metal, Avantgarde Metal, Ballad, Ballads, Bass, Beat, Beatdown, Beatdown Deathcore, Beatdown Hardcore, Big Beat, Black, Black Metal, Black 'n Roll, Black 'n' Roll, Black Metal, Black Metal with Doom Metal influences, Black n Roll, Black'N'Roll, Black-n-Roll, Blacken Punk, Blackened, Blackened Brutal Death Metal, Blackened Death, Blackened Death Metal, Blackened Deathcore, Blackened Doom, Blackened Doom Metal, Blackened Funeral Doom Metal, Blackened Grindcore, Blackened Groove Metal, Blackened Hardcore, Blackened Heavy Metal, Blackened Industrial Metal, Blackened Mathcore, Blackened Melodic Death, Blackened Melodic Death Metal, Blackened Melodic Extreme Metal, Blackened Melodic Thrash Metal, Blackened Metalcore, Blackened Noisecore, Blackened Pagan Metal, Blackened Progressive Metal, Blackened Sludge, Blackened Sludge Metal, Blackened Stoner Metal, Blackened Tharsh Metal, Blackened Thrash, Blackened Thrash Metal, Blackgaze, Blackned Death Metal, Blackned Hardcore, Bluegrass, Blues, Blues Rock, Blues-Rock, Boogie Rock, Brass Skate Punk, BreakBeat, Breakcore, Brit Pop, British Punk, British Rock, Britpop, Brutal, Brutal Death, Brutal Death Metal, Brutal Deathcore, Brutal Slamming Death Metal, Brutal Technical Death Metal, Cabaret, Cabaret Punk, Camedy Metal, Cello, Cello Metal, Cello Rock, Celtic, Celtic Folk, Celtic Folk Metal, Celtic Metal, Celtic Music, Celtic Punk, Celtic Rock, Chamber Pop, Chaotic, Chaotic Hardcore, Chaotic Metalcore, Chillwave, Chiptune, Choir, Christian, Christian Hardcore, Christian Metalcore, Christian Rock, Christmas, Classic, Classic Rock, Classical, Cloud Rap, Coldwave, color, Comedy, Comedy Metal, Cooperative Rock, Counry Rock, Country, Country Rock, Country-Rock, Cowpunk, Crack Rock Steady, Crossover, Crossover Prog, Crossover Progressive Rock, Crossover Thrash, Crossover Thrash Metal, Crunkcore, Crust, Crust Punk, Cyber, Cyber Metal, Cybercore, Cyberpunk, D'n'B, D-Beat, Dance, Dance Metal, Dance-Punk, Dancehall, Dark, Dark Ambient, Dark Cabaret Metal, Dark Electro, Dark Electronic Metal, Dark Folk, Dark Hardcore, Dark Metal, Dark Punk, Dark Rock, Dark Wave, Darkstep, Darkwave, Ddoom, Death, Death 'n' Roll, Death Doom, Death Doom Metal, Death Metal, Death N' Roll, Death Punk, Death Rock, Death-n-Roll, Deathcore, Deathgrind, Deathpop, Deathpunk, Deathrock, Deep House, Depressive, Depressive Black, Depressive Black Metal, Depressive Black-n-Roll, Depressive Post-Black Metal, Depressive Rock, Desert, Desert Rock, Deutsch Rock, Deutschrock, Djen, Djent, Doom, Doom Metal, Doom Rock, Doom stoner, Doomcore, Downtempo, Downtempo Deathcore, Downtempo Metalcore, Dreampop, Drone, Drone Doom, Drone Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Drone Rock, Drum, Drum And Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Dungeon Synth, Easy Listening, Easycore, EBM, EDM, Electro, Electro Rock, Electro-Industrial, Electro-Metal, Electro-Punk, Electroclash, Electronic, Electronic Death Metal, Electronic Groove Metal, Electronic Metal, Electronic Rock, Electronic-Rock, Electronica, Electropop, EMB, Emo, Emo-Punk, Emo-Rock, Emocore, Epic, Epic Ambient, Epic Atmospheric Black Metal, Epic Black, Epic Black Metal, Epic Death Metal, Epic Doom, Epic Doom Metal, Epic Folk, Epic Folk Metal, Epic Funeral Doom Metal, Epic Heavy, Epic Heavy Metal, Epic Hevy Metal, Epic Melodic Death Metal, Epic Melodic Metal, Epic Metal, Epic Pagan, Epic Pagan Metal, Epic Power, Epic Power Metal, Epic Progressive, Epic Progressive Metal, Epic Progressive Power Metal, Epic Rock, Epic Symphonic Black Metal, Epic Symphonic Metal, Epic Symphonic Power Metal, Epic Thrash Metal, Epic Viking Metal, Ethereal, Ethnic, Ethno-Industrial, Experimenal, Experimental, Experimental Black Metal, Experimental Death, Experimental Death Metal, Experimental Deathcore, Experimental Doom, experimental doom folk, Experimental Doom Metal, Experimental Extreme Metal, Experimental Grindcore, Experimental Groove Metal, Experimental Heavy Metal, Experimental Metal, Experimental Post-Hardcore, Experimental Post-Metal, Experimental Progressive Metal, Experimental Rock, Experimental Sludge Metal, Experimnetal Rock, Extreame Death Metal, Extreame Metal, Extreme, Extreme Folk Metal, Extreme Gothic Metal, Extreme Metal, Extreme Oriental Metal, Extreme Progressive, Extreme Progressive Metal, Extreme Symphonic Metal, Etreme Progressive Metal, Fantasy Metal, Female, Female Band, female vocal, Female Vocalist, female vocals, Female Vox, Flamenco, Folk, Folk Black Metal, Folk EBM, Folk Metal, Folk Punk, Folk Rock, Folk Symphonic Black Metal, Folk-Punk, Folk-Rock, Frenchcore, Funeral Death, Funeral Doom, Funeral Doom Metal, Funeral Doom Metal with Avant-garde elements, Funeral Drone Doom Metal, Funk, Funk Metal, Funk Rock, Funk-Metal, Funny Grindcore, Fusion, Futurepop, Fuzz Rock, Garage, Garage Punk, Garage Rock, Germany, Glam, Glam Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Glam Rock, Glam-Rock, Goregrind, Goth Rock, Gothabilly, Gothic, Gothic Black Metal, Gothic Dark Rock, Gothic Death Metal, Gothic Doom, Gothic Doom Metal, Gothic Electro, Gothic Metal, Gothic Metal (female vocal), Gothic Rock, Grime, Grindcore, Grindcore Metal, Groove, Groove Metal, Grrove Metal, Grunge, Guitar, Guitar Blues, Guitar Rock, Guitar Virtuoso, Hair Metal, Hard, Hard ' N ' Heavy, Hard and Heavy, Hard Blues Rock, Hard Roc, Hard Rock, Hard Rock (Female Vocal), Hard Rock (Female Vocals), Hard Rock 70's, Hard Rock Stoner, Hard'N'Heavy, Hard-Heavy, Hard-n-Heavy, Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Harsh EBM, Heavy, Heavy Metal, Heavy Blues Rock, Heavy Blues-Rock, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal (Female Vocal), Heavy Prog, Heavy Psych, Heavy Psych Rock, Heavy Psychedelic, Heavy Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock, Heavy sludge metal, Heavy Stoner, Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Turntablism, Horror, Horror Metal, Horror Punk, Horror Rock, Horrorbilly, Horrorcore, House, hrash Metal, IBM, IDM, Illbient, Indie, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Indie-Rock, Indietronic, Indietronica, Indistrial Rock, Indusrial, Industrial, Industrial Black Metal, Industrial Dance Metal, Industrial Death, Industrial Death Metal, Industrial Doom Metal, Industrial Folk, Industrial Gothic Metal, Industrial Groove Metal, Industrial Hard Rock, Industrial Heavy Metal, Industrial Meta, Industrial Metal, Industrial Pagan, Industrial Rock, Industrial Thrash Metal, Infernal opera, Instrumental, Instrumental Atmospheric Black Metal, Instrumental Atmospheric Sludge Metal, Instrumental Classic Rock, Instrumental Doom, Instrumental Doom Metal, Instrumental Experimental Metal, Instrumental Hard Rock, Instrumental Heavy, Instrumental Heavy Metal, Instrumental Melodic Metal, Instrumental Melodic Metalcore, Instrumental Metal, Instrumental Post-Black Metal, Instrumental Post-Metal, Instrumental Post-Rock, Instrumental Progressive, Instrumental Progressive Metal, Instrumental Progressive Rock, Instrumental Psychedelic Doom, Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner, Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock, Instrumental Roc, Instrumental Rock, Instrumental Sludge, Instrumental Sludge Metal, Instrumental Stoner, Instrumental Stoner Metal, Instrumental Stoner Rock, Instrumental Symphonic, Instrumental Symphonic Extreme Metal, Instrumental Technical Metal, J Rock, J-Metal, J-Rock, Jam, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Metal, Jazz Rock, Jazz-Rock, Jazzcore, Krautrock, La fanfare metal, Latin, Leftfield, Lo-Fi, Love Metal, lues Rock, male, Male and Female Vox, Male Vocals, Mall Emo, Martial, Math, Math Metal, Math Rock, Math-Rock, Mathcore, MDM, Medieval, Medieval Folk, Medieval Folk Metal, Medieval Folk Rock, Medieval Metal, Medieval Vampyric Black Metal, Melancholic, Melancholic Black Metal, Melancholic Rock, Melodic, Melodic Alternative Metal, Melodic Atmospheric Metal, Melodic Black, Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Black Metal Metal, Melodic Black Metal with Death Metal Influences, Melodic Blackened Death Metal, Melodic Dark Metal, Melodic Death, Melodic Death Metal, Melodic Deathcore, Melodic Doom, Melodic Doom Metal, Melodic Folk, Melodic Folk Metal, Melodic Gothic, Melodic Gothic Metal, Melodic Groove, Melodic Groove Metal, Melodic Hard Metal, Melodic Hard Rock, Melodic Hardcore, Melodic Hardore, Melodic Heavy, Melodic Heavy Metal, Melodic Industrial Death Metal, Melodic Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Melodic Modern Metal, Melodic Pagan Black Metal, Melodic Pagan Metal, Melodic Post-Black Metal, Melodic Post-Hardcore, Melodic Power, Melodic Power Metal, Melodic Progressive, Melodic Progressive Metal, Melodic Punk, Melodic Punk Rock, Melodic Rock, Melodic Speed Metal, Melodic Symphonic Metal, Melodic Symphonic Power Metal, Melodic Technical Death Metal, Melodic Thrash, Melodic Thrash Metal, Metal, Metal Metal, Metal Opera, Metal rock, Metalcore, Metalcore with Oriental influences, Metalic Hardcore, Metallic Hardcore, Middle Eastern Folk, Middle Eastern Folk Metal, Middle-Eastern Folk, Midwest Emo, Mincecore, Minimal, Mittelalter Rock, Moden Metal, Modern, Modern Blues Rock, Modern Classical, Modern Death Metal, Modern Gothic Metal, Modern Groove Metal, Modern Hard Rock, Modern Heavy Metal, Modern Melodic Death Metal, Modern Melodic Metal, Modern Metal, Modern Oriental Metal, Modern Progressive Metal, Modern Rock, Modern Thrash Metal, NDH, ndie Rock, NDW, Neo-Classic, Neo-Classical, Neo-Classical Doom Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Neo-Prog, Neoclasical Power Metal, Neoclassical, Neoclassical Black Metal, Neoclassical Heavy Metal, Neoclassical Metal, Neoclassical Power Metal, Neoclassical Progressive Metal, Neocrust, Neofolk, Neofolk with Progressive Black Metal influences, Neue Deutsche Harte, Neue Deutsche Welle, Neurofunk, New Age, New Rave, New Retro, New Retro Wave, New Wave, Nintendocore, Noise, Noise metal, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Noisecore, Nordic Folk Rock, Nu Metal, Nu-Metal, Nu-Metal with tribal influences, NWOAHM, NWOBHM, NYHC, Occult, Occult Black Metal, Occult Doom, Occult Doom Metal, Occult Psychedelic Rock, Occult Rock, Occult Rock (Female Vocal), Old School Death, Old School Death Metal, Old School Punk, Old School Thrash, Old School Thrash Metal, Orchestral, Orchestral Black Metal, Oriental, Oriental Black Metal, Oriental Death, Oriental Ethno Metal, Oriental Metal, ower Metal, Pagan, Pagan Black, Pagan Black Metal, Pagan Dark Ambient, Pagan Folk Black Metal, Pagan Folk Metal, Pagan Folk Rock, Pagan Metal, Pagan Thrash Metal, Parody Metal, Party Metal, pastel goth, Piano, Piano Rock, Pirate Punk, Pogressive, Pogressive Metal, Political, Pop, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Pop-Metal, Pop-Punk, Pop-Rock, Post black metal, Post Grunge, Post Hardcore, Post Metal, Post Punk, Post-Black, Post-Black Metal, Post-Grunge, Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal, Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Post-Thrash Metal, Power, Power Electronics, Power Metal, Power Noise, Power Pop, Power Pop Metal, Power Prog Metal, Powerpop, Powerviolence, Producer, Prog Folk, Prog Rock, Progresive Metal, Progressicve Metalcore, Progressiv Rock, Progressive, Progressive Deathcore, Progressive alternative metal, Progressive Black, Progressive Black Metal, Progressive Blackened Doom Metal, Progressive Blues-Rock, Progressive Brutal Death Metal, Progressive Dark, Progressive Death, Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Death Mtal, Progressive Deathcore, Progressive Doom, Progressive Doom Metal, Progressive Extreme Metal, Progressive Folk, Progressive Folk Metal, Progressive Funk Rock, Progressive Gothic, Progressive Gothic Metal, Progressive Groove Metal, Progressive Hard Rock, Progressive Hardcore, Progressive Heavy, Progressive Heavy Metal, Progressive Math Metal, Progressive Melodic Death, Progressive Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Melodic Metal, Progressive Meta, Progressive Metal, Progressive Metalcore, Progressive Metalore, Progressive Orchestral Metal, Progressive Post-Rock, Progressive Power, Progressive Power Metal, Progressive Psychedelic Punk Cabaret, Progressive Rock, Progressive Sludge, Progressive Sludge Metal, Progressive Stoner, Progressive Stoner Metal, Progressive Stoner Rock, Progressive Symphonic Metal, Progressive Tech-Metal, Progressive Technical Death Metal, Progressive Thrash Metal, Progressive Thrash Metal (female vocal), Progressive Trance, Progressive Viking Metal, Progressive Violin Metal, Progresssive Metalcore, Progresssive Rock, Progrfessive Rock, Prorgessive Metal, Proto Metal, Proto Rock, Psych, Psychedelic, Psychedelic Black Metal, Psychedelic Death Metal, Psychedelic Doom, Psychedelic Doom Metal, Psychedelic Hard Rock, Psychedelic Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Melodic Rock, Psychedelic Metal, Psychedelic Occult Rock, Psychedelic Post-Rock, Psychedelic Progressive Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic sludge, Psychedelic Sludge Metal, Psychedelic Space Rock, Psychedelic Stoner, Psychedelic Stoner Metal, Psychedelic Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Thrash Metal, Psychobilly, Psychodelic Post, Punk, Punk Dressing, Punk Hardcore, Punk Rock, Punk'n'Roll, Punk-n-Roll, Punk-Rock, Punkabilly, Punkobilly, Pyschedelic, R'n'B, RAC, Ragga-Metal, Raggae Metal, Rap, Rap Metal, Rap Rock, Rap-Metal, Rap-Rock, Rapcore, Raw Black, Raw Black Metal, Raw Sludge Metal, Reggae, Reggae Rock, Retro Rock, Retro Synthewave, Rhythmic Noise, Rhytmic Noise, Ritual Ambient, Rock, Rock n Roll, Rock N' Roll, Rock Opera, Rock'n'Roll, Rock-n-Roll, Rockabilly, Rockabilly Metal, Rockstep, Russian Anal Rap, Russian Rock, Score, Screamo, Shock Rock, Shoegaeze, Shoegaze, Shoegaze (female vocal), Shoegazing, Short Name, Shred, Shred Guitar, Singer-Songwriter, Ska, Ska Core, Ska Punk, Ska-Punk, Skacore, Skate Punk, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Sleaze, Sleaze Hard Rock, Sleaze Metal, Sleaze Rock, Slowcore, Sludge, Sludge Metal, Sludge Metal. Noise, Sludgegaze, Soft Rock, Soner Rock, Soul, Soundtrack, Soundtracks, Southern, Southern Hard Rock, Southern Heavy Metal, Southern Metal, Southern Rock, Space, Space Rock, Speed, Speed Metal, Spoken, Steam Rock, Steampunk, Stone Rock, Stoner, Stoner Metal, Stoner (Female Vocals), Stoner Metal, Stoner Metal (Female Vocal), Stoner Occult Rock, Stoner Psychedelic Fuzz Rock, Stoner Rock, StonerMetal, StonerRock, Street Punk, Streetpunk, Surf, Surf Rock, Swing, Swingabilly, sXe, Symhonic Death Metal, Sympho Black Metal, Sympho Death Metal, Sympho Heavy Metal, Sympho Metal, Sympho Power Metal, Sympho Progressive Rock, Symphonic, Symphonic Baroque, Symphonic Black, Symphonic Black Metal, Symphonic Dark Metal, Symphonic Death, Symphonic Death Metal, Symphonic Deathcore, Symphonic Doom, Symphonic Doom Metal, Symphonic Epic Power Metal, Symphonic Exrteme Metal, Symphonic Extreme Metal, Symphonic Fantasy Metal, Symphonic Folk Metal, Symphonic Funeral Doom, Symphonic Gothic, Symphonic Gothic Metal, Symphonic Groove Metal, Symphonic Heavy Metal, Symphonic Industrial Metal, Symphonic Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Melodic Metal, Symphonic Meta, Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Metal Rock, Symphonic Metalcore, Symphonic Power, Symphonic Power Metal, Symphonic Power Metal with Ethnic Music influences, Symphonic Progressive, Symphonic Progressive Death Metal, Symphonic Progressive Metal, Symphonic Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Symphonic Thrash Metal, Synth, Synth Rock, Synthpop, Synthwave, TBM, Tech House, Technical, Technical Black, Technical Black Metal, Technical Blackened Death, Technical Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death, Technical Death Metal, Technical Death Metal with Flamenco elements, Technical Deathcore, Technical Groove Metal, Technical Melodic Death Metal, Technical Melodic Thrash Metal, Technical Metal, Technical Metalcore, Technical Progressive, Technical Progressive Deathcore, Technical Progressive Metal, Technical Progressive Rock, Technical Thrash Metal, Techno, Terror EBM, Tharsh Metal, Theatrical, Thrash, Thrash Metal, Thrash Metal with Black Metal influences, Thrash Metal with Folk influences, Thrash Neo, Thrashcore, Traditional Doom Metal, Trance, Trancecore, Trap, Trash Metal, Tribal, Trip Hop, Trip-Hop, UK Garage, Vampiric Metal, Various, Video Game Metal, Video Game Music, Viking, Viking Black Metal, Viking Death Metal, Viking Metal, Viking Rock, Vintage Hard Rock, Vintage Rock, Violin, Visual Kei, Witch-Punk, Word, World, tmspheric Blk Mel, hrash Metal

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