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Hellnite - Midnight Terrors (2019)
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Hellnite «Midnight Terrors»
List of songs:
01. Projection
02. Phantom Force
03. Spirits Prevail
04. Beasts from the Deep
05. Thrash of the Living Dead
06. Darker Than Black
07. Stage on Fire
08. The Necromancer
09. Midnight Terror
6th Counted Murder - Individual (2019)
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6th Counted Murder «Individual»
List of songs:
01. Individual Born
02. Syncopate
03. Scent of Despair
04. Near Death Experience
05. Berserk
06. She
07. Brutal Engaged Abuse
08. Cloud Nine
09. Apocalypse in Human Features
10. House of Lies
Cyanide Sundae - Blinded Generation (2019)
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United kingdom
Cyanide Sundae «Blinded Generation»
List of songs:
1.Can't Run Can't Hide
2.What Can I Do
3.Cycle By Design
4.Let Me Out Of Here
5.Dead End Desire
6.Born Ready
7.Under This Disguise
9.The Rebound
10.Better Now
11.The Hatch (Bonus Track)
12.Rage (Bonus Live Track)
Malum Sky - Diatribe (2019)
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United kingdom
Malum Sky «Diatribe»
List of songs:
01. Year of the Rat
02. Borrower
03. The Coil
04. Eye Above
05. Diatribe
Althea - The Art of Trees (2019)
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Althea «The Art of Trees»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. For Now
02. Deformed to Frame
03. One More Time
04. Today
05. Evelyn
06. Not Me
07. The Shade
08. The Art of Trees
09. Away from Me
10. Burnout
Bless the Dead - The Boars Nest (2019)
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United States
Bless the Dead «The Boars Nest»
List of songs:
01. Drinking Me
02. Sex Sells
03. 2 Tickets
04. Whiskey Whore
05. Kiss the Earth
06. A Cold Day in Hell
07. Silent of the Night
Agony Face - CXVI Evolving Discharges (2018)
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Agony Face «CXVI Evolving Discharges»
List of songs:
1.XXV The Ionization
2.XXIII Waffle
3.XXIII Connection
4.XXIV Mat(H) Bat(H) 3+3+3
5.XX Marrakech Prostitute
6.XIX Reality Check
7.XIX Mantra Of Sulphur
8.XXI Wandering Through Cerebral Paths
Veonity - Legend of the Starborn (2019)
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Veonity «Legend of the Starborn»
List of songs:
CD 01:
1. Rise Again
2. Starborn
3. Guiding Light
4. Winds Of Asgard ft. guest vocals Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Reinxeed)
5. Outcasts Of Eden
6. Sail Away
7. The Prophecy ft. guest narration Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse)
8. Warrior Of The North
9. Gates Of Hell
10. Freedom Vikings ft. guest vocals Patrik Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest)
11. Lament
12. To The Gods
13. United We Stand
Etterna - Chaotic (2018)
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Etterna «Chaotic»
List of songs:
01. The Grand Opening
02. Swan
03. Secreto En Fragopolis
04. This Moment
05. My Guidance Home
06. Before Our Lives
07. The Independent Dreamland
08. Demon
09. Betrayed Love
10. Desert Ruins
11. Secreto En Fragopolis
Heavy Generation - The Spirit Lives On (2018)
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Heavy Generation «The Spirit Lives On»
List of songs:
01. Born to Rock
02. Fire Steel Metal
03. No Control
04. Blood and Sand
05. Heavy Generation
06. Path of Denial
07. My Spirit Lives On
08. Odin
09. Warriors
10. March Until the Grave
11. No More Mercy
Machine Gun Kelly - No Easy Way Out (2018)
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Machine Gun Kelly «No Easy Way Out»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
1.Intro (Broadcasted Humanity)
2.Broadcast King
4.Eye Of The Storm
5.Nothing Ever Changes
6.Hard Times
7.Stand Or Fall
8.No Easy Way Out
9.Take What You Need
10.The Boogeyman
Led By Vajra - ΨΥXH (2017)
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Led By Vajra «ΨΥXH»
List of songs:
1 Colours of Thought
2 White Dress
3 Inborn Invaders
4 Chains
5 The Awakening
6 Golden Palace
7 Shards of Crystal Skin
8 Colours of Soul
9 Oh Sorry (I Didn't Think You Were Listening)
10 Dependency
Fall Has Come - Nowhere (2017)
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Fall Has Come «Nowhere»
List of songs:
1 Believe
2 Last Begin
3 Our Lives
4 Awaken
5 Carillon
6 Breathless
7 In Everything
8 It's Over
9 One Minute to Be Alive
10 The Long Way to Run to Be a Human Again
Reshitivist - Commencement By Failure (2018)
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Reshitivist «Commencement By Failure»
List of songs:
1 Narrative
2 Unified and Destroyed
3 Smear of Potential
4 Garden of Shit
5 Filled with Something?
6 Disrupt Order
7 Fabricated and Fucked Up
8 The Deluge
9 Spawn (Caduceus)
10 Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed?
11 The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets Severe Anguish)
12 Resign
13 Conclusion Omni
Word Of Life - Jahbulon (2018)
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Word Of Life «Jahbulon»
List of songs:
01. A Sprig of Acacia
02. Jahbulon
03. Master of the Royal Secret
04. Deus Meumque Jus
05. Ierodom
06. The Female Seed and the Fungus
07. In Silence I Swore
08. Muaum
09. The Word of Life
10. Jachin & Boaz
The Blacktones - The Day We Shut Down The Sun (2017)
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The Blacktones «The Day We Shut Down The Sun»
List of songs:
01. The Pope (V)
02. The Upside Down
03. Ghosts
04. The Emperor (VI)
05. The Day We Shut Down the Sun
06. Not the End
07. The Empress (III)
08. Alone Together
09. I.D.I.O.T.S
10. The Popess (II)
11. Nowhere Man
12. Broken Dove
13. The Magician (I)
14. The Fool (O)
Samadhi Sitaram – KaliYuga Babalon (2017)
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Samadhi Sitaram «KaliYuga Babalon»
List of songs:
01. Intro
02. Kali Yuga
03. The Death Of A Stone
04. Apotheosis
05. Q.Prelude
06. Qliphoth
07. Orgy
08. Shangri LA
Poison Pill - Poison Pill (2017)
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Poison Pill «Poison Pill»
List of songs:
1 Introspection
2 Wake The Sinner
3 Pitch Black
4 Redeye
5 Confession Of A Liar
6 Jurisdictional Confusion
7 Deathblow
8 Poison Pill
9 Call Of The Precious
10 Terminal Point
11 Demons
12 Exit
Morphesia - I Forever End (2017)
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United States
Morphesia «I Forever End»
List of songs:
1.Through The Forest
2.Towards The Sea
4.The Moon
10.At Last (Bonus Track)
Warhammer - At The Threshold Of Eternity (2017)
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Warhammer «At The Threshold Of Eternity»
List of songs:
1.The Nightmare Started...
2.Through The Realm
4.Stone Dead Warrior
6.At The Threshold Of Eternity
7.Resurrection From The Ashes
Grievers - The Eternal Pleasure of Revenge (2017)
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Grievers «The Eternal Pleasure of Revenge»
List of songs:
01. Chapter 1 - Ade
02. Chapter 2 - Blood Lord
03. Chapter 3 - Revenge
04. Final Chapter - Face to Face
Amplified Memory - Vas Hermeticum (2017)
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Amplified Memory «Vas Hermeticum»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Corridor
02. Maze of Gyri
03. A Walk on the Crystalline Path
04. Soporific
05. The Aether Apparatus
06. End of Transference
07. Ammon's Eclipse
08. Multipolar
09. Non-Construct
10. Into the Shelter of a Mind
Eternal Silence - Mastermind Tyranny (2017)
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Eternal Silence «Mastermind Tyranny»
List of songs:
1.Lucifer's Lair
5.Game Of The Beasts
6.Mystic Vision
7.The First Winter Night
8.Foreign Land
9.Icy Spell
10.Ashes Of Knowledge
Ivory Times - Paraboloid (2017)
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Ivory Times «Paraboloid»
List of songs:
01. Hatred
02. Paraboloid
03. Falsehood
04. Factory of Angels
05. Stranger Things

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