Hellnite - Midnight Terrors (2019)
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Hellnite «Midnight Terrors»
List of songs:
01. Projection
02. Phantom Force
03. Spirits Prevail
04. Beasts from the Deep
05. Thrash of the Living Dead
06. Darker Than Black
07. Stage on Fire
08. The Necromancer
09. Midnight Terror
Genetic Disease - Eternal Emptiness (2019)
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Genetic Disease «Eternal Emptiness»
List of songs:
1. Slaves Of Misery
2. Before Their Tear You Apart
3. Fog
4. Child Of The Moon
5. Unearthly Punishment
6. Dragging Oblivion
Hot Running Blood - Rock'N'Roll Is Dead, Long Live Rock'N'Roll (2019)
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Hot Running Blood «Rock'N'Roll Is Dead, Long Live Rock'N'Roll»
List of songs:
1.No Pardon
3.Gun In Your Hand
4.Blaming Guns
5.Fame & Honour
6.Sell Your Kids For Food (Album Version)
8.Rich & Fat
9.On A High
10.Rich & Fat Reprise
11.We Need To Talk
Matnely - Melpómene Parte I (2019)
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Matnely «Melpómene Parte I»
List of songs:
1.El Canto De La Sirena
2.Mi Amor Humano
3.Perversa Tentación
4.Al Final Del Camino
5.Espejo Siniestro
6.Cascabeles Del Dolor
7.Bajo Un Árbol
Imminent Reaper - Walls Of Death (2019)
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Imminent Reaper «Walls Of Death»
List of songs:
01. Massacre 05:27
02. In the Name of the War 04:26
03. The Big Conquer 03:20
04. Let the Blood Run 05:06
05. Vertigo 05:15
06. Walls of Death 03:40
07. I Hate This Lie 04:56
Death Letters - The Descent (2019)
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Death Letters «The Descent»
List of songs:
01. Drowned
02. Denial
03. Never Sent Message (Bonus Track)
Septimo Angel - Legion (2018)
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Septimo Angel «Legion»
List of songs:
Disc 1:
1. Almas Gemelas (feat. Duan Marie- Javier Barrozo)
2. Maquina De Fuego (feat. Tete Nova-Gonzalo Garcia)
3. La Mujer Y El Dragon (feat. Renzo Favaro)
4. Con El Viento (feat. Manuel "Fuckin Metal")
5. Hasta La Eternidad (feat. Adrian Barilari)
6. Camino Al Infierno (feat. Gloria Romero)
7. Destino (feat. Alejandro Venzor)
8. No Mires Atras (feat. Elisa C. Martín)
9. Casino TV (feat. Alberto Zamarbide)
10. Los Poetas (feat. Jose Luis Campuzano "Sherpa")
11. Ave Y Metal (feat.Pacho Brea)

Disc 2:
1. Dharma (feat. Diego Valdez)
2. Monzón (feat. Mario Ian)
3. Profecías (feat. Javier"Zeta" Dominguez)
4. Si Un Dia (feat. Fabio Lione)
5. El Árbol (feat. Alberto Pimentel-Miguel Nuñez "Lagarto")
6. Luz De Neon (feat. Silver Solórzano)
7. Karma (feat. Javier Barrozo)
8. Como En Un Cuento (feat. Xava Drago)
9. M.A.V.A. (feat. Christian Bertoncelli)
10. Cadenas Rotas (feat. Luis Miguel Rico)
11. Dos Caras (feat. Gonzalo Garcia)
12. Crepuscúlo (feat. Manuel Martinez)
Introtyl - Creation of Insanity (Special Edition) (2019)
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Introtyl «Creation of Insanity (Special Edition)»
List of songs:
01. Intro
02. Aggression
03. Misanthropy & Madness
04. A Raped Brain
05. Dissection of the Soul
06. Regresion
07. Remains of Depravity
08. Creation of the Death
09. Evil Dead
10. Zyklon of Death(Bonus)
11. Trois-Rivieres Metalfest After Party 2018 (Bonus) [Live]
Demential - Impious The Beast (2019)
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Demential «Impious The Beast»
List of songs:
01. Al Despertar
02. Nueva Maldicion
03. Olvido
04. Dominion
05. Reborn
06. Oscuro Destino
07. The Beast
08. Apocalipsis Mental
09. Eraser
Soulcide - From Awakening to Extinction (2019)
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Soulcide «From Awakening to Extinction»
List of songs:
01. Awakening
02. Breathless
03. Burning Streets
04. F.A.T.E. (From Awakening to Extinction)
05. Implosion
06. Scars
07. Perfect Extinction
08. Planetary Solitude
Belcimery - Birth (2019)
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Belcimery «Birth»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. Rivers of Hades
02. In Trenches and Bounds
03. Birth
04. Queen of the Night
05. Manifested in Dreams
06. Let Be
07. The Bells Are Sounding Loud into the Deep Forest
08. Disciples of Satan
09. Ashes
Omar Torrez & Eric McFadden - Cholula Sessions (2018)
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Omar Torrez & Eric McFadden «Cholula Sessions»
List of songs:
01. Mosquito Song
02. Down To The River
03. Serious Drinking
04. Arriba
05. Goodbye To Holidays
06. Greatest Year
07. Tribute
08. Sister Maggie
09. Cucurucucu
Fire Steel - BrainStorm Cybercyne (2019)
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Fire Steel «BrainStorm Cybercyne»
List of songs:
1Hasta Mi Último Aliento
2Path of Truth
4Just Actions Define Us
5C of H
6Sombras Requiero
7Road of My Life
8Tan Solo Materia
9Mirando al Cielo
12Trip Through Time and Mind
13No Hay Destino
Dark Assembly - Melodies Of Darkness (2019)
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Dark Assembly «Melodies Of Darkness»
List of songs:
01. Into The Unknown
02. Fight Forever (Instrumental War)
03. March Of The Souls
04. Dark Assembly
05. Heart Catharsis
06. Melody of Darkness
07. The Phrygian
08. Smashing Strings
09. Towards Destiny
Near to the Autopsy - Near to the Autopsy (2019)
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Near to the Autopsy «Near to the Autopsy»
Genre: Deathcore
List of songs:
01. Leave Me Alone
02. Answers
03. Stupid Things I Said
04. Insanity
For the Fate - A. N. G. S. T (2018)
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For the Fate «A. N. G. S. T»
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
01. A. N. G. S. T.
02. Road
03. Life Against Pain
04. Let’s Start Again
05. Asylum for Us
06. War
07. Delusion
08. Gimme Reasons
09. Valiant Hearts
Zombiefication - Below The Grief (2018)
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Zombiefication «Below The Grief»
List of songs:
1. Blood Falls
2. Deliverance From The Astral Sea
3. Echoes Of Light
4. Death To Its Son
5. Heavy Is The Crown
6. Hunger Undying
7. Sky Burial
Athal - La Razón Por La Que Estamos Aquí (2018)
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Athal «La Razón Por La Que Estamos Aquí»
List of songs:
1. La Bestia Que Llevamos Dentro
2. Lo Que No Puedes Ver
3. Horizonte
4. Pisando Las Nubes
5. Escucha Lo Que Siento
6. Rock Alcohol
7. Historia De Una Leyenda (Lucha Libre)
8. Taverna Vamp
9. El Rostro De Un Hombre Triste
Niño Diablo - Reflejos (2018)
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Niño Diablo «Reflejos»
List of songs:
2Alas Negras
3De Negro a Gris
4El Odio
5Ecos del Viento
6Luna de Cristal
7El Loco
9La Reina del Engaño
10Día Negro
11El Bosque
Bulldozer - Időn És Álmokon Túl (2018)
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Bulldozer «Időn És Álmokon Túl»
List of songs:
1.Időn És Álmokon Túl
2.Jeltelen Világ
3.Éjféli Keringő
4.Szóltak A Vének
6.Tűzben Égve
8.Keresem Titkod
9.Nézz Az Égre
10.Bulldózer Álom
The Hollow Majors - Neuro (2018)
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The Hollow Majors «Neuro»
List of songs:
1.Hard To Swallow
2.Lets Get It On
3.Fever For Gold
5.Mary Jayne
6.My Daydreams
7.Halftime Show
8.Hello (Anybody Home?)
9.As We March Towards The Sea
10.Kick It Into Gear
12.Lay Your Bets
13.Georgie's Song
Scarlet Secret - For the Sake of My Dreams (2018)
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Scarlet Secret «For the Sake of My Dreams»
List of songs:
01. For the Sake of My Dreams
02. Back to Rock and Roll
03. Like No One Ever Does
04. Rocking Everybody
Crystallized - Crystallized (2018)
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Crystallized «Crystallized»
List of songs:
1. Arrival of the Night 01:20 instrumental
2. Coming for You 04:12
3. Nation of Liberty 04:13
4. Unplugged 04:19
5. Never Love 05:45
6. The End Is Near 04:06
7. Dream of Needles 03:14
8. No More Betrayers 07:21
9. Farenheit 451 05:53
10. Crystallized
11 Stardust
Beyonder - Always On The Road (2018)
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Beyonder «Always On The Road»
List of songs:
1. Metal Forever
2. Black Genesis
3. Always on the Road
4. Cry of the Night
5. Heartbreak
6. Walking Alone
7. Light Zone
8. I Wanna Love You
9. Last Chance
10. Realm of Warriors

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